Chapter 6: Argonaut Island

Part 1: Mission Acquisition

Follow the road to Camp Phoenix, located at LAT: 62969, LON: 82737.

Video of the trip:

Speak to the privates outside to acquire three hunting missions, two to kill Snablesnots, and one to kill thirty Berycled Youngs.

Walk into the center of the nearby Teleporter to unlock it, then use it to return to Camp Icarus.

When you arrive, open your mission log (there is an icon in the upper-right corner of the screen), select “To Argonaut Island,” and click the “Track” button.

Make your way to the Argonaut Island waypoint.

When you arrive, speak with Harzol Kenna inside the outpost. She will ask you to kill twenty-five Argonauts.

After accepting, a dialog for another mission called “Stroll on the Beach,” should appear. Accept this mission as well, by speaking to Taylor Strong.

Visit each waypoint for the mission “Stroll on the Beach.” Do not kill any Argonauts yet.

Video of the mission being completed:

Return to Taylor when finished to be rewarded with Surveying skill, and receive a mission to loot ten units of Argonaut Iron, a special mission item.

Before hunting the Argonauts, there is one additional mission to acquire. Make your way south to CDF Atlantic Outpost, located at LAT: 62772, LON: 75230.

Video of the trip:

Speak with Captain Reeves, who asks you to retrieve CDF supplies and flight records, and also kill ten Argonauts

Go to the waypoint to recover the flight records, but do not kill any Argonauts yet.

Video of the mission:

When you arrive at the supply crates (after picking up the flight recorder), collect all five, then make your way back to Argonaut Island.

Part 2: Argonaut Hunting Time!

When you arrive back on Argonaut Island and the mission “Scare Tactics” reactivates, you can start hunting the twenty-five Argonauts. Track the missions “Scare Tactics,” “Hard Evidence,” and “Crash ‘n’ Smash,” as your hunt will count toward all three simultaneously.

Use your EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) to kill the creatures. You may find it a bit difficult to kill them with this weapon, but should be okay if you focus on Argonaut Outrunners, as they have less health than the Argonaut Grunts. Feel free to use the Vivo Explorer (L) to heal, but try to still avoid using the Vivo S10. Don’t be afraid to heal over time as well (as shown in the video).

Video of hunting on the island:

After knocking them out, you will be awarded Anatomy skill. The next step is to kill the three leaders on the island. Visit each of the waypoints and eliminate them one by one.

Video of fighting the leaders:

Part 3: Argonaut Cave

You will then receive a mission to enter a nearby cave. Go to the waypoint and enter Argonaut Cave.

You will have to kill every creature in the cave to complete the mission. This mission may take some time with your current equipment, but you will gain a decent batch of combat skills in the process. If your Vivo Explorer (L) breaks, you can use the Vivo S10 at this point (even though you are not yet skilled enough to use it with maximal efficiency). Take on the creatures one at a time, and only heal while you’re not in combat.

Video of the mission being completed:

After completing Argonaut Cave, return to the researchers and turn in your missions. Harzol gives you 0.17 PED in Universal Ammo, while Taylor Strong offers a choice between an EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) and Universal Ammo. Choose the latter, and he will reward you with a batch worth 0.24 PED.

You will also be offered a daily mission. You may accept it, if desired, and complete it after finishing the walkthrough to earn Daily Tokens. Speak with the researcher to acquire the mission.

Next, return to Captain Reeves and turn in the other completed mission. Make sure you are tracking the mission “Crash ‘n’ Smash” and travel south to the waypoint.

Part 4: Crate Search

Speak with Captain Reeves to turn in “Crash ‘n’ Smash” and claim 0.40 PED in Universal Ammo.
She will then give you a mission to investigate a nearby robot sighting.

Proceed southwest to the waypoint.

When you arrive, your mission will update and instruct you to enter a tunnel located next to you. Inside the tunnel are robots and some crates. There are ten crates to be found, each of which will grant you 100 Weapon Cells at the end of the mission.
Since missing any will reduce the reward, be sure to grab them all.

See the video to ensure that you do not miss any, as you only get one shot at completing this mission. Use your Vivo S10 to heal sparingly if necessary.

After picking up all ten crates, make your way to a central terminal at the back of the tunnel. When you get to the control console, input the following commands:

1. Press the symbols corresponding with the ones on the screen
2. 0000100000
3. §
4. ><

You will then have to leave the tunnel. With the mission completed, return to Captain Reeves for your reward of 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo and a 0.10 PED CDF Scout armor piece of your choosing. Select a piece that does not match the one you received at random earlier.

After receiving your reward, speak with Sergeant Kean, who will direct you to a set of five waypoints leading to South Swamp Camp.

Visit all five waypoints, and kill the Argonaut Outrunner at each location.

When you arrive at the camp, speak with the CDF Scout to receive 0.14 PED in Universal Ammo.

Video of the mission: