Chapter 4: Swamp Camp

Part 1: South Swamp Camp

The next destination is South Swamp Camp (which you may have already passed on your journey to Port Atlantis). Follow the road from the northeast exit of Port Atlantis.

The location is LAT: 62026, LON: 75547
Marked on the map on the left as the pin.

Inside the camp building, speak to Dr. Udenis.

The doctor will ask you to wipe the lenses of six cameras around the camp. Follow the waypoints to complete the mission.

After wiping the lenses and killing five Tripudion Punies, return to the doctor and she will reward you with 0.08 PED in Universal Ammo. She will then give you another mission to return to the swamp and pick some cherry trees.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with another 0.08 PED in Universal Ammo. Speak to her once more and she will send you back to Port Atlantis. Just follow the waypoint as usual.

Deliver the sample to Doctor Borev to receive some Botany skill. She will then ask you to return to the Port Atlantis Official you spoke with earlier. Reply “No I do not want to” or simply skip the mission if you accept it. There is no reward for completing it, and it does not unlock any further missions.

Part 2: North Swamp Camp

Proceed from there to North Swamp Camp. If you detour through the north exit of Port Atlantis, you can pick up a mission that provides a waypoint to get there, but doing so is not necessary.
The Camp is located at LAT: 61964, LON: 76187.

Video of the trip from the north exit of Port Atlantis to North Swamp Camp:

Speak to Hokan when you arrive at the camp.

He will give you 0.15 PED in Survey Probes and send you to three waypoints. Go inside the camp building and speak to “Sweaty” George first.

George will ask you to enter the swamp again, this time to sweat some creatures. The other NPC in this room is Linn. Speak to her to receive another mission.

She will send you to kill thirty Exarosaurs, which can be completed later when stacked with other missions. Make your way into the swamp.

Inside the swamp, you will have to sweat creatures until you extract twenty bottles of Vibrant Sweat. Refer to Chapter 9 for a detailed explanation of sweating and keyboard shortcut configuration.

Extract the twenty bottles from creatures in the swamp. If you die, your best option is to heal naturally or use the Vivo Explorer (L) FAP. The Vivo S10 will work better when you have more skill.

The more the creatures’ attacks connect, the longer it will take you to acquire the necessary Vibrant Sweat, but you will also net more defensive skills in the process.

Return to Sweaty George when finished to receive some Sweat Gathering skill. Sell your Survey Probes to the TT, then exit the camp and head toward the first waypoint of the mission “Allophylic Enmatters.”

At the first waypoint, use your Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L) to search for energy matter, the cheapest mining option. Ensure that it uses Universal Ammo to operate. If it does not, return to the TT and sell your Survey Probes, like you did on Thule. Then proceed to the second waypoint.

Perform a survey attempt here as well. Then head to the final waypoint and perform another. Don’t worry if you don’t find anything during these attempts. Mining results are fairly volatile, so it’s generally best for newcomers to mine only for mission rewards. If you do find something, be sure to extract it, and consider it a bonus.

Run into the swamp and sweat a creature until it kills you. You should revive back at North Swamp Camp near Hokan.

Hokan will give you some Surveying skill and a waypoint to Argonaut Island for another mission chain. You will begin this chain after visiting the CDF Outposts.