Chapter 3: Preparations

Part 1: The Gauntlet

It is now time to return from Half Moon Bay to Camp Icarus via the Teleporter.

Note: A Teleporter allows players to warp to predefined locations around the planet free of charge. You must visit most Teleporters to unlock the ability to use them, but the Camp Icarus Teleporter is unlocked by default.

Use the Teleporter and select Camp Icarus..

Click the teleport button after selecting a location to be transported.

The Gauntlet Organizer is located near the Camp Icarus Teleporter. A team is required to enter the instance. Once you arrive at Camp Icarus, announce your intention to form or join a team for “The Gauntlet” in the Main Chat. You can say, for example, “Looking for a Gauntlet team for stages 1 and 2.” Then wait for a response. 

When you find a team, speak with the organizer to enter.

You do not need to actually shoot anything or actively participate in the instances to receive the mission rewards. I recommend trying to shoot as little as possible; just follow the group until the end of each stage to conserve ammunition.

Video tutorial of Gauntlet Stage 1 

NOTE: Whenever you form or join a team, always click the “Team settings” icon on the team bar and check the “Loot mode.” Until you understand the mechanics of the different modes, it’s generally best to hunt only in teams that use the “Damage: Share Loot” setting. Most experienced players use this setting anyhow. Since not all other modes distribute loot roughly proportionally to each member’s damage input, beware that they can be (and sometimes are) employed deceptively.

Upon completion of stage 1, you will be awarded a Vivo S10 FAP with a value of 4 PED, alongside a single Daily Token.

Completing stage 2 yields 10 PED in Universal Ammo, another Daily Token, and a 2.50 PED Robot Beacon which acts as a key to enter another type of instance.

Video of Gauntlet stage 2

Part 2: Stacking Missions

The game plan from here on out is to accept as many missions as possible before working on completing them. Kills can contribute to multiple missions simultaneously. For example, after you accept four different missions to kill a certain creature, a single kill counts toward all four. Adhering to this facet of the walkthrough’s protocol will optimize your mission reward efficiency, granting as many rewards for as few hunts as possible.

The first stop is Port Atlantis. Walk behind the Camp Icarus building and spawn your vehicle on the road.

Open your map and right-click the general area of Port Atlantis to set a waypoint. Don’t worry about getting it pixel perfect.

The approximate coordinates are LAT: 61652, LON: 75283.

Then drive to the waypoint to reach Port Atlantis.

Once you arrive, visit the Teleporter to unlock it. This will allow you to return to Port Atlantis instantly in the future.

The Teleporter is located at LAT: 61418, LON: 75217.

After that, enter the nearby building.

Inside the building, locate the Hunting Challenge Terminal and accept the mission “Iron Puny Creatures” (you may also accept the other missions now or at any time in the future, but you may find that having too many active at once clutters your mission log).

Video of walking to the terminals.

You may also accept the mission “Daily Hunting Challenge Category 1.” It may be for puny creatures if you are lucky. Otherwise, abandon it, and you will have another chance to acquire the puny creature mission tomorrow.

Part 3: Acquiring Teleporters

Use the Televator in the middle of the room to descend to floor 1.

Proceed through the single door exit to the front entrance of the building.

Locate and speak to the Port Atlantis Official near the Economy building.

Accept the mission “Basic Teleporter Information.” It will provide a waypoint for you to return to the Teleporter.

Finally, speak to the Teleporter Technician next to the Teleporter. Doing so unlocks several Teleporters you will need in the future.