Chapter 1: Thule

Part 1: Crystalline Caverns

After creating your avatar, you will start your adventure on Thule, in Crystalline Caverns.

Speak with Security Chief Harkov. She will give you a free gun worth 0.10 PED, along with 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo.

Ask for help using the weapon to begin your first mission. You will need to kill five practice drones.

After killing all the creatures, run through the large energy field to complete the mission (indicated by the appearance of a window), and receive 0.04 PED in Universal Ammo.

Exit the Cavern and speak with Mr. Yoshida who will be waiting for you just outside the exit. This is where you will begin the first leg of your mission on Thule.

Mr. Yoshida will send you on to Jimmy who has some work for you.

There is an issue with the cables, which he will ask you to inspect. Run to the waypoint that appears behind you (stand as close to it as possible).

Return to Jimmy and he will reward you with 0.40 PED in Universal Ammo and some Anatomy skill.

NOTE: Skills can be extracted into an item called an “Empty Skill Implant,” then sold or traded to other players, so even skill-only rewards have potential PED value.

Jimmy will then send you to kill three Highland Exarosaurs, to prevent them from breaking the cables again.

Go to the waypoint around the corner and eliminate the three creatures as requested. In order to conserve ammunition, do not hunt any extra creatures. Then return to Jimmy once again to be rewarded with some Handgun skill.

He will then ask you to repair the turret. Walk to the waypoint displayed on your map, without shooting any creatures along the way, and double-click the nearby battery on the ground.

This will net you an Electronics skill reward. Shortly after, you’ll receive a message from Yoshida asking you to assist Paul Rienhardt. Walk down the road to meet him.

Speaking with Paul yields a reward of Dexterity skill.

He will give you another 0.40 PED in Universal Ammo and a Vivo Explorer (L), then send you to locate a nearby drill rig. The Vivo Explorer (L) is a health recovery tool referred to as a Fast Aid Pack (FAP). It has a value of 0.05 PED, so it won’t last long. Use it sparingly, if at all.

NOTE: As items in Entropia can be sold and ultimately converted into USD, using (and consequently decaying) them has a real monetary cost. So healing with your new Vivo yields an expense, whereas healing naturally over time is completely free.

The Drill rig is just a short walk away, simply follow your waypoints like before and you will find it in no time.

You must click the machine to complete the mission, but first allow yourself to heal (preferably naturally), as you will receive a bit of damage. The next stage of the mission is to equip your healing tool. It is best not use the tool after you equip it, as you will be naturally regenerating your health to full before you will be taking damage again.

Part 2: Camp Amundsen

Go inside and speak with Lauren to receive your next mission. You will be rewarded with Athletics skill in the process.

She will teach you how to use the Trade Terminal (TT), a machine that allows you to buy and sell items to and from the game. You will be given a single Hide to sell. 

To sell the hide (or any other items in the game) double click the Trade Terminal

Click the “Sell” tab at the top of the new window, and drag the Hide over from your inventory.

Then click the “Sell” button in the lower-right corner of the window, and “Okay” when the confirmation window appears.

After selling the Hide, you’ll need to purchase 100 units of Synthetic Mind Essence from the TT. Click the “Buy” tab, select “Ammunition,” and then “Synthetic Mind Essence.” Change the purchase quantity to 100, and click the “Buy” button to confirm the purchase.

Then speak with Lauren again, and she will request the Synthetic Mind Essence. You must physically drag it into the window that appears to give it to her. The item is located in your inventory, under the “Mindforce” tab, at the bottom of your inventory tabs.

Drag it into the window and accept the transfer.

After relinquishing the item, take a few steps away and you will receive another alert from Yoshida. Follow the road further into the valley to locate a supply pod.

Run to the waypoint on your map and click the crate to retrieve mining equipment.

The mining equipment includes a 0.10 PED Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L), 0.60 PED in Survey Probes, a 0.10 PED Genesis Star Rookie Extractor (L), and 0.10 PED in Universal Ammo.

You will then be required to equip the Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L), which you can find in your inventory, under the “Tools” tab.

Refrain from using your Survey Probes. The mining system allows Universal Ammo to be expended as an alternative, so run back to Camp Amundsen and sell the Survey Probes to the TT, banking the 0.60 PED.

NOTE: If you ever get lost or stuck, you can press “T” to be teleported back to the nearest Revival Point. In this instance, you should revive at the camp.

Once your Survey Probes are sold, it is time to start mining. This mission requires you to make three survey attempts. There are three mining options available to you at the moment; you can mine for energy matter, ore, or both simultaneously. Select to mine for only energy matter, as this option is the least expensive, and conserving PED is important.

Chances are you might not find anything with the survey attempt. There is no guarantee to receive items when mining, or doing any activity in this game (sometimes creatures can provide ‘no loots’ as well).

However any failed attempts will still count towards the mission. Chances are you won’t find much as the area will likely have been cleaned out by the other new players. We will want some distance from our last probe drop as well to increase the chance of finding resources. Try to run about 15 seconds in a straight line away from where you last dropped your probe to try for the next drop. I ran back to where I found the probes to do the 2nd drop.

Then run a little farther away up the hill for the 3rd drop.

If you do find something, a marker will appear. Run up to it and use your Genesis Star Rookie Extractor (L) to mine up the items. Equip the tool and use it on the probe.

After completing your third and final survey attempt, and extracting any discovered claims, go to Scott’s Ridge, another nearby outpost, to continue progressing through the mission chain.

NOTE: It is a good idea to unequip items (such as your new finder) when not using them. This guards against wasteful, accidental use.

Part 3: Scott’s Ridge

Once you reach the outpost you will receive some Geology skill, and be asked to speak to Amir on the top of the radio tower.

Speak to Amir to give him the data you acquired while mining, then speak to Rusty at the bottom of the tower.

Rusty will give you several items, including a 0.80 PED Skildek P 30 (L) rocket launcher and 0.20 PED in Explosive Projectiles. Do not use the rocket launcher at this point, under any circumstances. This launcher survives very few uses before breaking, and it will be vital to combat a creature in a subsequent mission which has high health and damage output.

Rusty will also reward you with a new rifle, a 0.09 PED Solomate Rubio (L). This weapon is slightly more powerful than the pistol you are currently using, but you will not be skilled enough to use it yet, so continue to use the pistol until further notice (unless it breaks first).

You will also receive a 0.20 PED Valkyrie T1 (C,L) vehicle and 0.10 PED in Oil to fuel it.

A window will appear that explains how to spawn and fuel the vehicle.

NOTE: To spawn a vehicle, right-click the vehicle in your inventory, under the “Miscellaneous” tab, and select “Spawn vehicle.” Find a suitable surface on the ground (your mouse cursor will display a green arrow when the surface is suitable, and a red arrow when it is not suitable, i.e., due to steep terrain), and click to spawn it.

To fuel a vehicle, drag Oil from your inventory, under the “Mined Resources” tab, onto any part of the spawned vehicle. Confirm the action when prompted.

Video tutorial of spawning and fueling a vehicle.
Click the play icon to view the video tutorial.

After it is fueled, enter your Valkyrie T1 (C,L).

NOTE: To enter a vehicle, right-click the spawned vehicle and select “Operate” in the popup menu that appears. Alternatively, double-click the spawned vehicle.

Then proceed to drive to the crash site.

As you approach the wreckage, you will be awarded some Support Weapons skill, and asked to conduct an investigation. Follow the waypoint to the nearby Flight Data Recorder and double-click the device.

You will receive Courage skill, and a dialog will appear detailing the final flight of the shuttle craft Starfinder. After reading the dialog, a waypoint will lead you to a crew member from the ship. Use your newly acquired vehicle, or walk to the waypoint.

It will then take you to the next waypoint, and so on, continue to follow the location markers.

You will soon arrive at a dead body, investigate the device it is carrying. You will be rewarded with Anatomy skill. You must then locate and destroy nearby a robot structure.

After reaching the structure, double-click the object on the wall of the robot structure to arm the explosives.

The device will explode, and you may take some damage if you’re too close. Your reward for this is Handgun skill. Climb down the hill a bit to receive contact from Rusty.

He will ask you to drive to Spaceport Helios for your departure to Calypso. Follow the waypoint to this location.


Before leaving Thule, ensure that your Valkyrie T1 (C,L) is in your inventory. If you have misplaced the vehicle, press “B” to recall it to your Thule storage. There is a Storage Facility to the right of Lieutenant Smith, where you can then retrieve it.

Speak to Lieutenant Smith and agree to travel to Calypso. You will need to wait for the planet to download if it hasn’t already.