Entropia Universe 16.5.1 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a client crash issue when copying item link in item info.

MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the possibility of encountering minor issues or bugs directly after a Version Update affects your gameplay to an extent that Entropia Universe is not enjoyable, please wait until the mini-patches have been released and any last minute issues have been resolved.

Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.4


New Features

  • Added Hunting Challenge missions for all Calypso creatures.


  • Animations for the Cornoanterion creature have been updated.
  • Animations for the Foul creature have been updated.
  • Added checkpoints to boss rooms in Beacon missions.
  • Boss room doors in Beacon missions now lock when the boss spawns and all avatars are in the boss room.
  • Updated the Dynamic Event mechanics at Fort Sisyphus to be consistent with the Medusa Dynamic Event.
  • Adjusted the Aurli Cave missions to conform to the new Hunting Challenge system.
  • Redundant Mission Broker NPCs have been removed.

Arkadia Moon – Limited Edition Robot Assistant Pet

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Arkadia Moon, a new Arkadia Moon Deed 50-pack featuring a Limited Edition robot assistant pet named S0ph13 is now available.

The Arkadia Moon Deed 50-pack is available in the Entropia Universe Webshop after the release of Version Update 16.5.0.

The Robot Assistant Pet features both a Pet Focus buff of 15% and a 32m Auto Loot buff, and is spawnable from level zero on all planets in Entropia Universe. 

Be sure to grab one of these special pets by obtaining a 50-pack of Arkadia Moon Deeds today, before they sell out!

Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

New Features


  • The Codex is a repository for creature information and missions. Additional features are planned to be added to the Codex in the future, currently the Codex only features Planet Calypso and Space creatures.
  • This first version of the Codex features creature entries that are unlocked by encountering creatures while exploring the universe.
  • Codex entries can be unlocked by scanning or by participating in the kill of a creature (including healing and absorbing damage).
  • Every creature entry has an associated Hunting Challenge comprised of 26 stages, with the last stage being repeatable.
  • Hunting Challenge missions are now automatically begun once a qualifying creature is killed; there is no need to visit a mission terminal or mission NPC.
  • Hunting Challenge rewards are distributed by the Codex.
  • Hunting Challenge progress supports group hunts, and is not dependent upon an avatar being a member of a team, nor is it dependent on a creature having shared loot enabled. All participants of a qualifying creature kill will gain Hunting Challenge progress relative to contribution. (Loot distribution mechanics are unaffected by the changes to mission progress).
  • All avatars start at Stage One of the Hunting Challenge for all creatures in the Codex.

Entropia Exchange

  • It is now possible to place sell orders for shares on the Entropia Exchange, with a maximum duration of 7 days.
  • Sell orders are grouped together based on price and are executed based on order timestamp, with older orders being executed first.
  • Existing shares can be acquired by browsing active sell orders on the Entropia Exchange.
  • There is a transaction fee of 0.25% of the sale price for all sell orders, with a minimum fee of 25 PEC and a maximum fee of 25 PED. Fees for the unfulfilled portion of sell orders are refunded once the order expires. 
  • An alert is sent to the Message Center when a sell order has been fulfilled.

Chat Channels

  • Avatars now automatically rejoin the previous session’s custom chat channels when logging in.
  • Avatars are removed from custom chat channels when disconnected or logged out from Entropia Universe.
  • Custom chat channels no longer have restrictions on the number of members.
  • Custom chat channel membership is retained across server restarts and client login sessions.


  • Added a new option in Options/Gameplay to “Only Interact with Locked Enemies”.
  • Improved the display of persistent buffs.
  • The Client Loader no longer steals focus when launching the Entropia Universe client.
  • Objects displayed in the Item Info panel can now be rotated using the middle mouse button.
  • Adjusted the size of the recently added News interface. 
  • Loot outlines now only appear on creatures that the avatar is able to loot.
  • The View Achievements context menu item is now disabled if the target avatar has not enabled the Share Achievements privacy option.
  • Adjusted interaction text for various interfaces and buttons (i.e. Auction->Place Bid, Lamps-> Turn On/Off, Body Sculpting Unit).
  • Attempting to view or place a bid on an auction which has ended will now be indicated properly.
  • Added the ability to attach enhancers to an item by dragging and dropping them onto the item’s inventory icon.
  • Avatars are now revived instantly by H-DNA consumables, but movement is restricted for 10 seconds.
  • Added a feedback message in the chat window when inviting an avatar to a team: “Team invite sent to .”.
  • Opening Strongboxes can now be performed by using the Spacebar key.
  • Avatars attempting to repair mothership modules will now automatically move within range when necessary. 
  • The interaction interface for repair tools now respect the tool’s range with regard to mothership modules.
  • An alert is now displayed in the login window whenever Caps Lock is active.
  • The Market Value menu option is no longer displayed for items that cannot be traded.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Client Loader from repairing corrupted files upon patching.
  • Added a button in the Folders tab in the Client Loader Tools window to start local data verification.
  • Fixed an issue causing creature names to disappear when hovering the mouse over the buff icon on the creature nameplate.
  • Implemented various client stability improvements.

Known Issues

  • The Entropia Exchange does not update sell orders while the interface is open. Relaunching the interface will update the sell order information.

MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the possibility of encountering minor issues or bugs directly after a Version Update affects your gameplay to an extent that Entropia Universe is not enjoyable, please wait until the mini-patches have been released and any last minute issues have been resolved.

Cargo Crash

The Colonial Xenobiology Institute (CXI) has issued an urgent request for assistance to prevent two dangerous species from gaining a foothold on Eudoria. The CXI fear that Daspletor and Cornoanterion pose a severe threat to the native flora and fauna of Eudoria, as the Daspletor once did on Amethera.

The Daspletor and Cornoanterion reportedly escaped from a cargo ship forced into an emergency landing west of Minopolis. The two species can be found in areas near the landing site.

The Daspletor seem to have wandered down to the desert regions south-southwest of Minopolis (near 86118, 84189), while the Cornoanterion have remained in the woods to the west (near 86913, 84790).

Initial investigations of the salvaged cargo ship have uncovered no evidence of sabotage and are instead focused on a possible malfunction in the security systems on F.O.M.A. – Fortuna. This security malfunction could have allowed the Daspletor and Cornoanterion to board the ship while docked prior to travel to Calypso.

Help protect Calypso’s ecosystem from the potentially devastating effects of these two dangerous and aggressive predator species!

Please report any sightings of Daspletor or Cornoanterion in other areas of Eudoria to the CXI immediately.

Hunting challenges for these two creatures can be acquired from Hunting Challenge Terminals all over Calypso, or from NPC Simo Hayna on F.O.M.A. – Fortuna.

Dev Notes #20 – Mission System

Hunting Mission System
Since the Entropia Universe mission system was introduced in VU 10.8.0, there have been continuous updates to the system to increase usability, improve features and expand into new areas of gameplay.

With the original introduction of the mission system, there were only five missions available; this number has grown over the years to more than 4000 missions currently available in Entropia Universe. In this Dev Notes article we’d like to inform you of our plans for the most significant overhaul of the mission system to date, which is planned for release in the third quarter (Q3) of 2019.
Planet Calypso will be the first planet to introduce the new mission system. The other Planet Partners will transition to the new system soon afterwards, once any issues are resolved and any necessary tweaks and adjustments are implemented.

Main Features

  • Hunting within a team or participating in a Shared Loot event will now reward all contributing participants relevant progression in their missions based on relative contribution (whether the contribution is made by damage dealing, healing, or scanning).
  • Missions requiring kills of a specific creature will automatically begin whenever a qualifying creature is killed, removing the need to first interact with an NPC or mission terminal.
  • Once a mission stage is completed, an interface will appear with reward(s). The next mission stage will automatically begin, even if you decide to choose rewards for the preceding stage at a later time.

The Bestiary is where you will find all relevant information regarding your avatar’s current progression in Hunting Challenge missions.

As this is a completely new system that will replace the current mission system, progress in existing missions unfortunately cannot be carried over into the new system. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to give all participants an alert to the upcoming changes several months in advance so that they have time to complete any active missions.

There will also be a grace period where both the new and old systems will work in tandem, during which time kills on qualifying creatures will result in progress on both the old and new versions of the Hunting Challenge missions. This grace period will extend approximately one year from the implementation of the new mission system.

You have the current “Iron Atrox IV” mission active. After the implementation of the new mission system, for each kill of a qualifying Atrox creature, you will receive progress on the new Atrox Hunting Challenge mission as well as on the legacy “Iron Atrox IV” mission. If you fulfill the requirements for the Iron Atrox IV mission during the grace period, you will receive the usual reward, but you will not be able to begin the legacy Iron Atrox V mission. Instead, you will automatically receive the next stage of the (new system) Atrox Hunting Challenge mission.

When the one year grace period has elapsed, all missions from the old system will be disabled for all participants. Progress will no longer be possible for the deprecated missions, and uncompleted missions will not provide any rewards.

There will be a similar grace period of one year from the implementation of the new mission system for Planet Partners. More info and specific dates will be provided as the Planet Partner implementation draws nearer.