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#iHadAFunday saw a spectacular year in 2017. Below you will find plans for 2018.

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Welcome to The #LifeStream

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Space Station #5 Space Station #5

Entropia Universe / A Way of Life

A Way of Life - now look where we stand, for everything we stood for. I do this for you.

Everything was impossible before it was done. They say it can't be done, but we ARE doing it.

Robert 'iHadAFunday' Frohne is offering a chance to become an investment partner. Options are for both short and long term.

A Way of Life is currently seeking active, professional colonists in game - please PM me or visit your nearest /Society terminal to apply.

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    Robert Frohne

    This is just a sample post area for layout purposes. I will implement a working version later. For now, silence is golden.

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      This is what it would look like if I has conversations with myself. Oh, I guess I kind of am...

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